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Forged Spear Head

What is forged spear head?

The forged spear head is designed with simplicity and long straight stick. In fact, the length of the spear totally depends on the person holding it. And so, the spear is designed with a sharp point at the one end with a pointed blade. In addition, spear is the one that is very strong and high resistant to corrosion. In the earlier days, forged spear head was used for the throwing purpose in order to attack the particular object. No matter whatever the size you may need, but we offer the right materials to fulfill the needs of the customers. You are set to buy different ranges of forged spear head ranging start from five to eight feet long. The total weight of the iron supplies must be 700 Gms and design with 16 inches.

  • 1.Consistent performance
  • 2.Perfect design
  • 3.Low maintenance
  • 4.Classy design
  • 5.High resistant to corrosion
  • 6.Optimal strength
  • 7.Appealing look

Why choose us?

Looking for the best and reputed forged spear head supplier? If so, then undoubtedly Qingdao Simen Metal Co., Ltd is the right choice. We have dedicated team and experts in order to handle the advanced technology and offer 100% quality assurance for the customers. We are highly renowned for the manufacture of metal chain long lifting accessories with a massive range of technology in order to avail the better results. And sure, our products are highly demanded in the industrial needs and suit your budget as well.

We are highly concentrating on offering top-notch quality products to the patrons with a flourishing growth. Since we are the leading manufacturer and so offers forged spear head to our clients. In addition, the spears are designed with fine raw materials and so matches globally with no issues. Our products find their applications in diverse options to meet your specifications. At the same time, we offer all our iron supplies are accessible at manufacturing proficient prices. Customers can gain huge benefits forged spear in several specifications. Feel free to call us and order forged spear head bulk productions and reduce production costs!!

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