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Qingdao Simen Metal Co.,Ltd

SIMEN METAL is a professional company in the market of the wrought iron components for gates and fences. We began trading in 2010 and has now grown from strength to strength into one of the leading wrought iron components manufacture and supplier in China. More than 5,000 types of components in the field of forged /cast/stamping for gates and fences we can produce and supply now. We aim to send you a choice of a wide range of top quality products at the most competitive prices.


SIMEN METAL is located at No.16-1, Yishengbai Road, Environmental-Protection Industry Park, Qingdao of China, boarding Qingdao International Airport and Qingdao Port in the south. It has convenient transportation and well-developed communication equipment which makes it possible to communicate with areas around the world. Our components are sold in more than 30 countries including the UK, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Lebanon, Algeria, and Canada.


SIMEN METAL owns advanced equipment and has brought in advanced numerical control power-driven screw press and manipulator. At the same time, we have strong technical force and quality assurance system. we still have a qualified and competent team of advisors as well as continuous development and improvement of the commercial offer taking into account the latest trends and technical solutions.


SIMEN METAL slogan is ‘’Inheriting The Spirit Of Craftsman’’. Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services. if you don't find what you looking for in our catalog we also manufacture special items, please call or emails our sales office for advice and pricing. Clients from domestic and abroad are warmly welcomed to come to our company to discuss business.

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  • Professional customized service
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