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Inquiry of forged spear head in April 2020

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SIMEN METAL is a professional company in the market of the wrought iron components for gates and fences. We began trading in 2010 and has now grown from strength to strength into one of the leading wrought iron supplier in China. More than 5,000 types of components in the field of forged /cast/stamping for gates and fences we can produce and supply now. We aim to send you a choice of a wide range of top quality products at the most competitive prices. Recently, we got some inquiries of forged spear head from clients, below are the details:

1. Am in need of wrought iron decorative flowers, for business to sell

2. Hello, I want a price list

3. How much is this product of yours.. i need it asap

4. Need of iron spear points and deferent types, thanks.

5. Hello I would like to get more information on buying a large quantity of gate components. I would like you receive prices and info on shipping cost and is there a minimum order. i am in Northern Ireland Kind reguards

6. can i order 800 pcs only? how much

7. Hello, I am from germany and interested in steel spears. Do you have a catalogue and a price list? Please send it per email. Thank you and best regards

forged spear head

Our components are sold in more than 30 countries including the UK, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Lebanon, Algeria, and Canada. If you don't find what you looking for in our catalog we also manufacture special items, please call or emails our sales office for advice and pricing. Clients from domestic and abroad are warmly welcomed to come to our company to discuss business.

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